1. SAFETY RAZOR’S BLADE EDGE IS NOT DEEP ENOUGH When we studied the barber’s single blade long edge razor we found that the reason why barber’s single blade long edge razor does not slide over the wet hair is that the edge of razor is much deeper than the safety razor so that the blade can easily reach the root of hair to cut it off nice and clean. IMPROVEMENT: We increased the length of the edge of the blade.

2. ONE BLADE IS NOT ENOUGH. In order for an average person to enjoy the same quality shaving experience in the comfort of their home, we studied the commercial cartridge razor and decided to apply two double blade razors to the design. This design will ensure the effectiveness of the razor with a one stroke shaving experience. IMPROVEMENT: We added one more blade into the razor.

3. DISTANCE BETWEEN BLADES IS NOT ENOUGH. HAIR GETS STUCK BETWEEN BLADES. In order to let the cut hair fall through without being stuck in between the blades, we need to significantly increase the distance between blades and create a gutter to remove the cut hair away from the blades. IMPROVEMENT: We increased the thickness of the center blade holder to achieve a bigger distance between two blades in our razor.

4. NO GUIDANCE OF THE HAIR. In order to have a one stroke clean cut by the razor, hair needs to be pre-arranged in the same direction where the razor is moving. IMPROVEMENT: We studied the comb and adapted the similar design on our razor by adding a comb head into the razor center and foot blade holder.